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       Our Company was set up at the beginning of 2002 year, through the partnership between two well experienced lawyers. Their proved experience offers the warranty of the vocation and high quality services offered by our Company.
       „Dan Panţoiu & Asociates” is a Professional Lawyership Company, seated in in Piteşti, based on the business law, commercial, civil and administrative contentions, solving the business quarrels, arbitrations and mediations. The Company also activates in judicial reorganisation and liquidation, assistance and nourishing in criminal, family, financial, banking and tax claim department. We were also active involved in framing and counselling the execution of the commercial contracts and also in business administartion matters, in risk management and minimizing.

       Our pleading experience came from assisting and representing of both



  defendents and petitioners in complex civil or commercial contentions and also in tax or claim department.  

       From the very beginning, we proceed in valuation the risks, the costs and the potential benefits arised from nominating the conflict to the judgement instance and we offer the right consultations for assisting the clients to take the best decisions. We represent our clients in very sundry matters, such as possessions merchandises, commercial services, disputes arising from commercial or civil contracts, dissensions and conflicts between stockholders or associates, real estate disputes, representation for judicial reorganisation and crash both for creditor and debtors, conflicts arising from payment procedures and warranties pledged by checks, bills of exchange, letters of credit, incasso, and others. We manage in the best conditions the contentions involving two or more sides having oposite interests, to all the jurisdiction levels in Romania.

       Our services range begins with counselling, advising and negociations, till judgement representing. We also represent our clients for employment conflicts, including dismissing petitions or disputes regarding the individual employment contracts.


       Before prosecuting, we valuate with our clients their success chances and also the possibilities of amicable conciliate the conflict. When prosecuting, the prepearings for judgement are organised by a team fit to the complexity and the dificulty of the event. In this way, the whole process is more efficient with low costs. If necessary, we request advices to experts in every specify field. In this case we collaborate with financial, bank and technical experts.
       During the judging length, we keep our clients informed about every step we proceed.
       After obtaining a favorable judgement decision, we counsell and represent our clients during the legal execution procedure. This service is
offered in Romania and also abroad, through our worldwide partnership network. If we have to execute a sentence in a country outside our partnership network, we are able to identify a trustful partner for proceeding the legal execution.

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