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       Although we counsell and legal represent a wide diversity of clients, companies, institutions and other public or private entities, from Romania or abroad, the main domains of our attorney practice refers to the Romanian business environment.

       In this direction, we offer counselling regards to:
   The legal and methodologic stages of seting up new companies; their authorising and obtaining the judicial individuality, etc.;
    conceiving, framing and negociating of the commercial contracts;

    seting the matters regarding the administration and managing of the new companies;

    counselling regardind the intellectual propriety;
    consulting and representing in business, environment and competitional law.
       A quarrel in front of the judgement instances is always preceded by a conflict.
       Our lawyers are experts in analysing, valuating and solving of these conflicts, before reaching to the judgement.

       In many situations, the direct negociation, or one of the parallel methods of conflict resolving, succeeds to be more fast and efficient regarding costs than resorting the conflict to the instance. In case all the methods of conciliations fail, they have to resort to the judgement. For this reason, our lawyers strive to solve the disputes before reaching the instance. We employ alternative techniques for dispute resolving such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration. Furthermore, we use to frame, review and negociate contracts that protect our client's rights against any possible conflicts.


       By participation of our lawyers in front of The Court of International Trade Arbitration next to The Trade and Industry Chamber of Romania and also of the County Arbitration Courthouses, we managed briefs also as defendants and petitioners, having experience in all the involved arbitration aspects. Our experience also includes resolving the commercial contentions having extraneity components.


       Despite of the fact that the conflicts solving in front of the judgement instances represents the traditional path, we also inform our clients that the contracts can include mediation, conciliation and arbitartion stipulations. Meantime, we support our clients in choosing a mediator, we offer mediation and conciliation services and also assistance and representing in front of The Commercial Conflicts Mediation Centre from The Trade and Industry Chamber of Romania.


       Although the resolving of the contentions by the judgement instances represents the traditional path, the commercial arbitration begins to be more and more approached. In spite of the diferences between the arbitration proceeding and that used in the instance, our capabilities are fully turn to account through the arbitration path. Through our past activity, we gained a huge experience in arbitration of contentions, so we had the possibility to choose the most efficient strategies.

       Next, these are the advantages of the alternative solutions by conciliation, mediations and arbitration of the commercial contentions:
   the ability of quickly conceiving arbitration consents of the conflicts by including compromising stipulations in the commercial contracts, or by compromises made separately between sides or in front of the Arbitration Instance;
     rapidity in attaining an arbitration verdict or in the amicable resolving of the conflicts;
     the better trust in the fair-play and integrity of the Arbitration Instance;
    Attaining a final resolve of the conflct in front of the Arbitration Instance, the arbitration verdict beeing mandatory for the sides involved and beeing attacked only for legitimate specified reasons.


       Our practice in commercial contentions involves offering consulting services and representing the clients in all the aspects of resolving the commercial, real estate and investition conflicts, as also in intellectual and industrial propriety, or regarding commercial competition and unfaithful competition.

       Our experience relates the manage and resolving of:
    conflicts between associates, investitors and commercial partners;

    contentions regarding violating the contractual obligations;

   conflicts about the administration of companies;
   contentions in real estate and investition fields;
   disputes between householders and tenants (hiring contracts);
   quarrels regarding intellectual and industrial property;
   contentions about commercial and unfaithful competition.

       On the chance there are no conflicts, we represent companies having financial difficulties (debtors), and also creditors regarding negociations about payment solutions and engagements. We also offer consulting in judicial reorganisations and liquidations and we assist the merchants in the rearrangement and negociation the manifold aspects regarding commercial debts.


       We manage a wide range of matters, here including voluntary reorganisations, transfer of goods for the commercial debts, selling properties for legal executions, etc. Also, we represent any of the involved parties for judicial reorganisation and liquidation, such as the investition banks, insurers, public investitors, liquidators, possessors, other creditors and also the possible purchasers of the goods belonging to companies beeing in financial difficulties.


       We represent in front of the judgement instance also citizens, companies and institutions involved in civil contentions all over the country. In the same time we counsell about the whole range of aspects proceeding from legal conflicts. Our experience gives us the abilities and needfull knowledges for managing the contentions in front of all instances, to any level of legal structure, here including the most complex disputes about civil law.


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